Portable Gas Analysis

Bridge Analyzers, Inc. has exhaust emissions analyzers, residual oxygen analyzers, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) headspace gas analyzers and case ready meat gas analyzers. Applications include standard exhaust gas instruments used as diagnostic tools for mechanics to test tailpipe emissions. Specialized food packaging gas measurement in portable battery operated instruments provide food processors that are packaging using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) processes a means to confirm that their packaging will deliver the extended shelf life which food manufacturers expect.

9001_SmallModified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Analyzer:
MAP analyzers are used by food processors to confirm that their finished product package is fully sealed from air intrusion and incorporates the proper gas mixture to meet desired shelf life and product appearance standards. By reducing the oxygen levels in the final package the product shelf life can be extended. With the addition of CO2, anaerobic bacteria growth can be minimized. For case ready meat packing, the addition of very low levels of CO gas maintains the expected appearance of meat even in a low oxygen environment. Many fresh cut produce foods are packaged in modified atmosphere packaging including ready to eat salad bags, spinach, fresh cut apple slices, fresh snack packs and coffee.



Exhaust Gas Analyzers: EGA analyzers are used by fork lift service technicians, motorcycle enthusiasts, automotive repair facilities and indoor vehicle operators across North America to performance tune engines and/or diagnose and confirm proper exhaust emission levels. Our hand held units include a 2-gas, 4-gas and 5-gas analyzer. The 2-gas unit measures CO and HC. The 4-gas unit measures CO, CO2, O2 and HC. The 5-gas unit measures CO, CO2, O2, HC and NOx.




Industrial Analyzers: Used in all gas analysis applications where a fixed position analyzer is required. The gases tested currently include various combinations of O2, CO, CO2, HC and NOx. Connections to process control systems is accomplished via serial port or an integrated ethernet server module.




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