6 mm Hardseal Exhaust Port Maker Kit – 001212

001212_sml6 mm Hard Seal Exhaust Port Maker Kit – Complete with Drills, Insertion/Crimping Tool, 25 Sets of 6mm Threaded Inserts/Bolts/Washers

The 6 mm Hard Seal Exhaust Port Maker Kit provides a method to extract a pure sample of exhaust gas without concern for air dilution. The gas analyzer will sample pure exhaust gas, resulting in more accurate emissions analysis. Lambda/AFR and Combustion Efficiency calculations will also be more accurate, compared to tailpipe gas sampling techniques.

Port Maker Kit provides the tools and parts to install a 6 mm threaded nutsert into the exhaust pipe upstream of the tailpipe in the exhaust system. The port may be installed at any convenient location, a 10 mm (about ⅜ inch) hole in the exhaust pipe and clearance for a ¾ inch installation tool is all that is required. The 6 mm nutsert is designed to create a gas-tight seal on an exhaust pipe as small as 1.0 Inch in diameter, and from 0.030 to 0.170 inches thick.

After the exhaust port is installed, there is permanent access to the port by means of a 6 mm (Yamaha Standard) port adapter which is threaded in the nutsert. After gas measurement is complete, the adapter is removed from the port, and a 6 mm sealing bolt and washer (included) are installed in the threaded port.

Port Locations for Tuning – CO based, Lambda, AFR and Combustion Efficiency
For engine tuning and diagnostic applications, the hardseal port may be installed as close to the point of interest as possible. For individual cylinder tuning it is usually in the exhaust pipe header for the cylinder of interest. For tuning of multiple cylinders, it may be installed at or just after the collector – but as far upstream from the muffler as practical.

Port Locations for Emissions Testing, Emissions Control System Diagnostics, Lambda, AFR and Combustion Efficiency, CAT Oxidation/Reduction Efficiency
The hard-seal port may be installed before the catalytic converter to sample engine-out gases and determine catalytic converter efficiency. Install a port between the catalytic converter and the muffler to sample fully catalyzed gases without risk of air dilution. Sample ports may also be installed in the header pipe so that individual banks or cylinder engine-out exhaust gases may be sampled to simplify diagnostics.

Installing sample ports at various locations allows technicians to fully diagnose various engine control issues, such as open and closed loop fuel control, catalytic converter loading, and converter oxidation and reduction efficiency.

A Complete Set of Tools – Easy Installation and Use
The kit contains everything you need to install and use exhaust sampling ports on the vehicles you service. The kit contains enough nutserts and sealing components for 25 port installations, with additional nutserts and sealing components available in packs of 25 sets from Bridge for about $1.00 per port.

Additional Supplies and Spares
p/n 001104, 25 pcs Pack – 6 mm Rivet Nuts/Sealing Bolts/Washers

All Port Maker Kit components are available from Bridge Analyzers as individual parts. Please refer to the product manual or contact Bridge for individual part p/n and pricing information.