Industrial On-Line Analyzers

  • Sealed for Harsh Environments – Industrial NEMA-4 Design.
  • Automatic Operation – Low Maintenance.
  • Self Stabilizing – AutoZero/Cal
  • Built-In RS232C and Ethernet Interface for Communication with Industrial Data Collection Systems.
  • Small (6”x6”x4”) for easy mounting, lightweight (5.0 Lbs), and rugged – housed in a sealed stainless steel case.
  • Self-Starts upon the application of power, with automatic power interrupt fault recovery built-in.
  • Customer Changeable E-C O2 sensor – which has a service life of 12 to 18 months. Analyzer self tests sensor during auto-calibration and prompts maintenance when required.
Oxygen Analyzer – Model 9006 9006_Small
CO2/O2 – Model 9007 9007_Small
CO/CO2/O2 – Model 9008 9008_Small
NOx – Model 9009 9009_Small