Low Volume Headspace O2 Analzyer – Model 900043

This is our low volume O2 analyzer for minimal head space applications.





Down to 0.001% for Residual O2 and Up to 100% for Enhanced Oxygen

  • Measures Residual O2 for Low Volume coffee pod testing.
  • Ensures shelf stable product by prolonging the onset of oxidation
  • Maximum freshness with reduced staling
  • Enhancing the full aroma flavor
  • Cordless Operation – Single or Double Shift Internal Battery.
  • Easy to use – Single button – Headspace O2 in 8 Seconds.
  • Customer Changeable Self-Calibrating E-C O2 sensor.
  • Small (6”x3”x3”), lightweight (2.5 Lbs), and rugged.

900043 Brochure