CO2/O2 – Model 9001


  • CO2 process gas fill and MAP Residual O2 measurement.
  • CO2/O2 balance for natural respiration process evaluation.
  • Sealed for Harsh Environments – Industrial NEMA-4 Design.
  • Cordless Operation – Single or Double Shift Internal Battery.
  • Simple and fast – Single button CO2 and O2 in 15 Seconds.
  • Stable, Trouble-free Infrared CO2.
  • Customer Changeable Self-Calibrating E-C O2 sensor.
  • Small (6″x3″x3″), lightweight (2.5 Lbs), and rugged.

Model 900141 CO2/Oxygen MAP Gas Analyzer Specifications

Gas Measured: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Oxygen (O2)
Measurement Methods: CO2: NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red.)
O2: Electro Chemical Sensor
Measuring Ranges: CO2: 00.00-100.0%
O2: 00.000-100.0%
Resolution: CO2: 0.01% Below 10.0%, 0.1% above 10.0%,
O2: 0.001% Below 2.00%, 0.01% above 2.00%
Accuracy 4% relative to gas reading
Repeatability 1% relative to gas reading
Response time: 8 seconds to 95% Final Reading,
15 Seconds to 99% Final Reading.
Sampling Rate 4 ml/sec
Sample Time Factory default 15 Seconds. Adjustable in 1 second increments.
Gas-borne Contaminate Protection Built-In External and internal water blocking and particle filters protect analyzer from test gas-borne contamination.
Warm-up: Full accuracy in 5 minutes.
Operating Temperature: 0 to +40 degrees C.
Power: Line Power 10VAC / 220VAC 50/60 Hz Universal Wall Supply
Standard Internal Battery 1 ea. NiMH Battery Pack . 6-8 Hr cordless operation per charge.
Extended Battery Option 3 ea, NiMH Battery Packs . 16 Hr cordless operation per charge.
Unit Alone
In Soft Case
2.5 Lbs.
3.5 Lbs.
Unit Alone
In Soft Case
6 ¼ L x 3W x 3 ½H
8 ½ L x 5W x 5H
PC Interface: Fully Sealed Serial Port, 9600 baud.

900141 Brochure