Parts, Filters and Accessories

Bridge Analyzers has all your replacement parts, filters and accessories to keep your analyzer running at maximum performance.

Bridge offers two oxygen sensors for MAP Analyzer applications. The sensors are field changeable, mechanically and electrically interchangeable, and self-calibrating; aiding field configuration of any Bridge MAP Analyzer to any application.

The Bridge sample needle is a cross-drilled pencil-point needle designed to provide redundant gas input ports located away from the closed needle tip.  When used to sample headspace gas, the Bridge needle pierces the overwrap and pulls in sample gas through the two cross-drilled entry ports – providing a minimum of gas restriction while maintaining low needle volume.​

Gas Test Stand, p/n 001246
O2 Sensor, Green, p/n 001140G
O2 Sensor, Red, p/n 001057
Sample Needle, p/n 000617
Sample Needle, p/n 000621
Needle Cleaning Tool, p/n 000888
Minicoil MAP Sample Line, p/n 1386
Map Power Supply, p/n 001527
Sample Line Filter Pack, p/n 108126
Black Gold Septum, “Sticky Nickel”, p/n 001620