Motorcycle Performance – 5 Gas Analyzer

My Dad started Bob’s Carbs back in the mid 80’s. Our previous analyzers have always been large roll around units and when it became unreliable we started researching gas analyzers. After researching these analyzers my Dad and I thought we would purchase yours. Both my Father and I are extremely happy with your customer service, starting with our initial calls inquiring about the unit, to the actual purchase, and the unit itself.  The initial set up of the analyzer was user friendly.  (plug in and use) The size of the unit, along with the display makes it easy see and use while making all of the necessary adjustment on a vehicle.  The fact that the unit is portable makes it very convenient for us to test vehicles outside of the shop in any type of conditions.  I am impressed with the units lack of maintenance required.   Bob and I in past had to change out many different filter on our equipment to get accurate readings of the carburetors. With the Bridge Analyzer, it tells the user when to run a self-zero procedure, which only takes approximately 30-60 seconds.  We have no filters to replace and the O2 sensor and NO sensors lasts for approximately 3-5 years.  Bob and I are both impressed with this unit, and have recommended to several other technicians and shops.

Mitch Morace
Service Manager
Bob’s Carbs
Oceanside, CA