Service & Annual Calibration


Bridge Analyzers provides factory service and calibration on all of our products. We provide repair, preventative maintenance and gas calibration services.

Many customers internal systems require an annual or semi-annual third party calibration service. Bridge retains over 12 different certified gas mixtures and a precision gas divider to allow for standard and custom gas calibrations to suit food packaging manufacturers with their residual oxygen, enhanced oxygen or case ready meat packaging applications. Temperature control chambers are also included in calibration processes for case ready meat packagers and fresh frozen fish manufacturers for example. It is important to calibrate with the specific gas of interest and in a similar temperature environment as the final end use whether it be a trigas mixture for case ready meat packagers, nitrogen purge gas for residual oxygen applications like snack packs, coffee, fresh cut lettuce or fresh cut spinach. In cases where there is just an oxygen reduction, specific mixes of oxygen and CO2 can be calibrated for applications like ready to eat salad bags, packaged salad bag production and fresh cut vegetables.

For emissions gas testers, Bridge retains certified BAR-90 gas with 12% CO2, 4% CO, 1200 ppm Propane and Balance Nitrogen. Additionally a tank of 5000 ppm Nitric Oxide (NO) is maintained on site so that the automotive 5 gas analyzer can be calibrated. The gas divider is used to calibrate typical levels of Nitric Oxide that the automotive 5 gas analyzer will measure.