The Standard

The Standard provides full integration with any and all surrounding equipment that may influence accurate blending. This includes pasteurizers, product selections, raw material labs, final product bench labs, separation, flows, pressures, and destination routing. All these factors influence the inline blending results and are considered in The Standard’s algorithms. Integration can either be hardwired or networked.

With The Standard, dairy, beverage, and food manufacturers can trust that their product is always in specification while maximizing profitability.

Constant Monitoring to Assure Compliance and Profitability.

To ensure your product is always in specification, The Standard streams data about your process into the cloud to make sure each run of your product is within preset goals. It also provides management with a constant view of the plant’s performance. Below are samples of business intelligence analysis provided by The Standard, with more currently in development:


  • Goals vs. results for each run, tank, or silo
  • Thorough source/destination tracking data
  • Comparisons of lab results vs. The Standard’s results
  • Production quantities

The Digital Throttling Valve

The High-Resolution Digital Throttling Valve offers liquid blenders unprecedented control, accuracy, and efficiency. The pneumatic valves currently used throughout the industry cannot touch the precision and high-resolution offered by the Digital Throttling Valve.

The servo controlled digital throttling valve delivers direct flow control that can be easily and precisely tuned and programmed enabling the user fine tuning capabilities that can be turned into fixed recipes, thus offering repeatability, accuracy, and efficiency.


  • Direct Flow Control
  • Servo Controlled
  • Precise, High-Resolution Tuning (multiples higher resolution than currently used pneumatic alternative)
  • Fixed Recipes (time saving, no need to “dial it in”)
  • Repeatable
  • Finely Tuned


  • Faster Product Changeovers
  • Decrease Product Loss
  • Delivers Required Blended Mix
  • Can Handle Shorter Production Runs
  • Delivers More Consistent Product
  • Streamlines Production and Packaging Process
  • From Separator Right to Filler
  • Minimize Downtime from Pneumatic Adjustments
  • Reduce Product Waste
  • Increase Production Efficiency and Profitability