Benchtop Leak Tester





“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts advanced to the stage of science.”

― Lord Kelvin

Product Overview

The AlphaLab is a bench-top leak tester dedicated to flexible packaging testing for the food, pet care and cosmetic Industries. It has been specially designed for laboratories in Factories that have to follow stringent Quality Inspection procedures and processes like ISO 22000 & HACCP.

To test your packaging, place a sample under the perforating tower of the AlphaLab, adjust the tower manually downwards until it is in contact with the sample, the test begins. You can test as many samples as you wish.

Full digital results are immediately available (the AlphaLab will measure leaks > 5 μm), visible on a screen, they can be instantly transmitted to your computer via a USB connection. Analyse the results on a pivot table, visualise the results on a Gauss chart, set limits or stop production immediately should the packaging not conform to the pre-set parameters.

Main Advantages

Immediately Available Digital Data

Tests results (destructive test) can be instantly transmitted to your computer via a USB connection. Analyse the results on a pivot table in order to identify the area to improve, and visualise them on a Gauss chart.

Accurate Test Results

No more blocked needles compromising the results of your tests, no more guessing the size of the bubbles… Well adapted to packaging where there is little or no headspace (chocolate bar…), the AlphaLab will deliver extremely accurate results to help you to improve your process in a very short period of time.

Cost Savings

With the Perforating Tower, consumables like septa and needles are no longer needed. In addition, you can reduce wastage by better controlling the seal(s) of your flexible packaging, optimize the thickness of your film and save costs (the thickest film is not necessarily the best for your product).

ISO 22000 & HACCP Compliance

Identify flexible packaging related critical points, conduct root cause analysis, establish your critical limit, test, correct, verify & document easily with the AlphaLab. Avoid product recall by making sure your food is safe to consume until the last day of the shelf life.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Packaging Control

The AlphaLab will check that your products are within the acceptable leak range & that they will be preserved until the last day of the shelf life.

Brand Protection and Lasting Taste for your Products

Avoid humidity and bacteria getting into your package and compromising the taste of your products. For potato chips manufacturers, preserve the crispiness and pillow effect.

Visualize the Size of the Leaks

When you test samples, the AlphaLab may deliver very different leak values, like 1 cc/mn or 30 cc/mn or 100 cc/mn. Sometimes, it is necessary to be able to visualize if it is a very small leak, or an important one. The AlphaLab has a coupler connection on the front panel that enables to you connect an accessory (supplied as a standard) with a small adjustable flow controller. You have to connect this accessory to the front panel by pushing the probe into the coupler, and put the other end in a glass of water. By turning the knob on the small flow controller, you will be able to adjust the flow, and therefore, visualize the bubble size output of the same leak in the glass of water.


Why do I need a special leak tester for flexible packaging? Are the leak testers available not suitable?

Most leak tester would use a leak test method known as Pressure Decay, which measures the difference in pressure during the test. Problem is that, for flexible packaging, the Volume of the package is also changing during the test. And since Pressure x Volume is a constant, you cannot measure the leak accurately if both Pressure and Volume are changing at the same time during the test. The Pressure Decay is however perfectly suitable for rigid packaging. The AlphaLab is using the “Flow Measurement at a Constant Pressure” method according to DIN 55508-1 of 01/02/2018, particularly adapted to flexible packaging.

Who can assist me if anything goes wrong?

We can assist you by remote video conferencing if there is no Service Company in your area / Country. We can do it during normal office hours and we are located in Singapore (GMT + 8 time zone). We can always support you outside of normal working hours with prior arrangement.

Is there a risk that the package will be perforated totally, and the perforating pointer be damaged?

No, it is not mechanically possible that the perforating pointer will come in contact with the base, as it will stop 1 mm before.