Bridge has developed a library of reference material related to emissions and exhaust gas analysis. This is a result of decades of experience manufacturing exhaust gas analyzers, servicing 2 gas, 4 gas and 5 gas analyzers, and calibrating exhaust gas analyzers with certified standard gas meeting BAR-90 and BAR-97 component mixtures.

Gas testing in food packaging modified atmosphere packaging applications has provided Bridge the ability to become an expert resource in industry best practices in terms of O2, CO2 and CO gas measurement in the package headspace. There are a number of white paper reference documents available here related to this expertise.

01       Lambda Calculation Brettschneider Equation

01A     Lambda Calc. Brettschneider Equation Modified for NDIR Measurement

02       Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Analyzer Oxygen Sensor Air Calibration

03        Troubleshooting Probe Air Leaks

04        Exhaust Gas Analysis Testing Accuracy

05        Extended Tailpipe Probe Air Leaks

06        Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) Overview

07        COE and NRG

08        4 Gas Analyzer and 5 Gas Analyzer (9004, 9005) Battery Charging

09A     Alternate Fuels Brettschneider – Series 3

10        Lambda Air-to-Fuel, No Formula

11        Alternative Fuels Measured with an Gasoline Exhaust Gas Analyzer (EGA)

12        Combustion Efficiency Calculations

13        Combustion Efficiency for Performance Tuning

14        Combustion Fundamentals

15        Lambda for Performance Tuning

16        Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Analyzer Low Flow Field Test Sensor Air

17        CO & HC Graph vs Lambda & CE Performance Tuning

18        CO & HC Lambda & CE for LPG Gas Analysis Tuning

19        15% O2 Correction Factor

24        EGA Co – NDIR vs Chemical Sensor

25        Gen EGA NDIR vs Chemical Sensor

26        Using NOx as a precursor for detonation

27        Headspace Gas Sampling Issues

27A     Lambda and CE for Diagnostics

28        Use of Certified Test Gas

29        Chemical Sensor vs NDIR CO

30        Field Calibration for EGA

33        Headspace Gas Sampling Issues

34        Preconditioning for Low Oxygen

35        Hi-Ox Lo-Ox config


Reference Collections:

Exhaust Gas Analyzers: 01, 01A, 03, 04, 07, 10, 12, 12A, 14, 24, 25, 27, 30.

Exhaust Gas Analyzers Material Handling (Forklifts): 05,09A, 11, 18, 29.

Exhaust Gas Analyzers Motorcycles: 13, 15, 17, 26.