Annual Factory Calibration

Annual Calibration and System Check

Calibration Service Overview:
Bridge Analyzers Inc. offers an annual system calibration and system check service to allow customers to comply with ISO 9000, HAACP, and other regulatory agency GMP requirements. While annual calibration is not required to maintain analyzer accuracy, many regulatory agencies require annual validation of instrument performance to meet the documentary assurances of their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) policies.

Calibration and System Check Process:
The system calibration will be performed on NIST traceable certified test gases by factory-trained technicians and the equipment will be returned with a basic Calibration Certificate. If a detailed Calibration Certificate is required, please advise that this service is required so that a documented report specifying the accuracy of the equipment and test gases used to calibrate the system, as well as the final accuracy attained will be provided. The entire system (analyzer/probe/filters) is also functionally tested to insure that it meets or exceeds the overall equipment performance specifications.

Equipment to be Returned / Turnaround Time:
This annual calibration service requires that the complete analyzer system (analyzer, probe, sample lines and accessories) be shipped back to Bridge for calibration and functional testing. The standard calibration/test turnaround time is 3 to 5 working days from receipt.

Include your contact information and any specific issues with the analyzer along with the system so that we know whom to contact with a quote for the recommended service and calibration expenses.

NOTE: Rental equipment may be available to support equipment use requirements during the calibration process. Contact Bridge for this service and unit availability.

Return the equipment by the method of your choice to:

Bridge Analyzers, Inc.
5198 Richmond Road
Bedford Heights, OH 44146 USA

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at: or (510) 337-1605.

Unless otherwise instructed, Bridge Analyzers will return the calibrated equipment via UPS ground.

Annual Calibration and Service Cost: This service includes clean-up, functional testing, diagnosis and adjustment, filter replacement, upgrades, repairs, preventative maintenance, gas calibration and printed certification. Upon check-in and diagnosis, the full cost to service, repair and calibrate will be provided to the customer. Upon customer approval, the final work will be completed and the analyzer will be calibrated. 
The equipment is returned with a calibration certificate and a 90-day service warranty.