4 Gas Exhaust Gas Analyzer
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The Bridge Analyzer 4 gas analyzer measures Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Fuel Dependent Hydro Carbons (HC), and Oxygen (O2). The analyzer comes in a hard case with all accessories as a complete, ready-to-use gas analyzer.  Turn on the power switch, connect the hose and probe, push the Zero button.  When the Zero is complete, the analyzer is ready to measure exhaust emissions gas. There are three power input options which will recharge the internal batteries. Accessories include a stainless steel probe assembly, easy storing sample line, and a built-in water trap and particulate filters to protect the internal infrared optics of the analyzer.  This valuable tool in the hands of your technicians will pay big dividends in allowing your business to tune and confirm a properly functioning engine.

This analyzer has been produced for nearly 20 years. Various enhancements and upgrades over that time has allowed this 4 gas analyzer to provide owners with high quality, reliability, and durability. Hundreds of satisfied customers give proof that when you purchase a Bridge Analyzer, you have made a good investment.

Bridge Analyzers offers factory service and calibration for all analyzers over the course of their service life. We are there for you when you need support and service. We know that keeping an exhaust emissions analyzer fully functional and ready to use is important for our customers.

This portable 4 gas analyzer is loaded with features and options. Analyzer features that will make your work easier include:

  • Battery powered and self-contained infrared gas analyzer
  • Small, lightweight, and rugged with easy to read LED display
  • Instant On – fast warm-up and fast gas readings.
  • Fuel selection: Allows HC to be measured and displayed as Hexane for Gasoline, Propane for LPG, and Methane for CNG.
  • Real time Lambda/air fuel ratio display using HC (Fuel dependent values are used), CO, CO2 and O2 gas measurements.
  • Real-time Combustion Efficiency display using HC (fuel dependent values are used), CO, CO2, and O2 gas measurements.
  • Single Button Zero calibration.
  • Automatic back flushing empties the water trap/separator.
  • Gas calibration automatically adjusts for use of propane. No PEF number calculations are required.
  • Includes complete sampling system.
  • Operator accessible and maintainable filters.
  • PC compatible RS 232 PC interface and supporting software.
  • Serial Printer (Optional) support for hardcopy gas data.

All 4 Gases in a 5 Lb Battery Powered Gas Analyzer!

Full-featured portable 4 gas analyzer that you can hold in your hand.

  • Identical to larger machines, uses 30-year time proven NDIR and chemical sensor technologies for reliable, accurate 4 gas measurement.
  • Measures CO, CO2, O2, and HC making it a 4 gas analyzer.
  • Self-powered on its own internal battery pack – 2 ½ hours roaming capability.
  • In production for over 10-years – time proven in hundreds of applications.
  • Fast – data available in 30 seconds – updates 4 times per second.
  • Real time tuning calculations – Lambda/AFR and Combustion Efficiency.
  • 4 Gases include O2 and CO2 – allows detection and correction of air dilution for better tuning.
4 Gas Analyzer
900403, Four Gas Exhaust Analyzer Brochure
Gases MeasuredCO (Carbon Monoxide),
HC (HydroCarbons – Hexane (Gasoline),
Propane (LPG), or Methane (CNG or LNG),
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide),
O2 (Oxygen).
Analysis MethodCO, HC, CO2: NDIR (Non Dispersive Infra-Red) O2: Electro-Chemical Sensor
Reporting RangesCO: 0-10.00%, HC (Hexane and Propane): 0-9,999 ppm,
HC (Methane) 0.000-5.000%,
CO2: 0-20.0%, O2: 0.0-25.0%,
AFR 7.5 – 30.0,
Lambda: 0.500-2.000,
Combustion Efficiency 0.00–99.99%.
ResolutionCO: 0.01%,
HC(Hexane, Propane): 1 ppm,
HC(Methane): 0.001%,
CO2: 0.1%, O2: 0.1%,
AFR 0.1,
Lambda: 0.001,
CE 0.01%.
AccuracyAll gas channels +/-5% relative to gas reading.
RepeatabilityAll gas channels +/-3% full scale.
Response TimeLess than 8 Seconds to 90% final value. (8 ft. sample line)
Data Display13 digit, 0.50 inch ‘Super Bright’ red LED 7-segment display, contained in four displayed fields. (CO, HC, CO2, O2), Updated 4 times per second
Operator ControlsPower Switch, ZERO Analyzer, PRINT Readings, CAL Mode, Up Arrow, DOWN Arrow, AFR/LAMBDA, NOx/Opt.
Warm-Up Time30 Seconds to 10% accuracy 5 minutes to full accuracy. (Constant external ambient conditions)
DC PowerInternal NiMH battery, external adapters to clip-onto +12V vehicle battery or plug into vehicle DC power socket.
AC PowerWall-mounted 110 VAC/60 Hz Std., (95-220VAC/50-60 HZ optional) remote supply for continuous operation from mains.
Battery PackInternal rechargeable NiMH battery pack. 2 ½ hours typical continuous operation per charge. (Charger built into analyzer.)
Size:Main Body: 4.5”H x 7.25”W x 3.75”D
Including Handle: 12.5”H x 7.25”W x 4.25”D
WeightAnalyzer and Case Assembly: 4 lbs. Including Hose and Probe: 6 lbs.
PowerWatts total power required – either from internal battery pack, or external 9.0V to 15.0V supply.
Battery charge mode requires 7 Watts from external supply.
PC InterfaceDB9 RS-232 Connector, 9600 baud. (Accessible with Bridge PC Software – P/N 106460 or Serial Printer P/N 106430)
Gas Sample Rate6 ml/sec typical. (Flow control pneumatics system.)
Particulate FiltersThree modular, disposable filters – 1 ea. 50 mm diameter main particle filter, 1 ea. 4 mm diameter water trap filter, 1 ea. 25 mm diameter particle and water blocking filter on analyzer handle.
Filter LifeMain Filter (50 mm diameter): 2 Months, typical.
Water Trap Filter (4 mm diameter): 4 Months, typical.
Analyzer Filter (25 mm diameter): 4 months, typical.
Chemical Sensor LifeOxygen Sensor: 12-18 Months, typical.
Gas CalibrationFully calibrated from factory. No periodic re-calibration required. Uses standard BAR automotive calibration gases if desired for field calibration. (Requires P/N 000690 calibration gas adapter/regulator.)
Sample Probe10”Long Flexible Probe Tip (Stainless Steel Quick Release), Stainless steel ‘S’ bend, 50 mm diameter particulate filter, Water Trap, rigid plastic handle.
Sample Hose1 ea. 8 ft. & 12 ft. sections – (20 ft. total length) polyurethane thick wall tubing, with quick disconnect fittings.
Temperature–10 to +40 degrees C ambient.
Altitude–100 to + 10,000 feet above mean sea level.
Reliability10,000 hrs. MTBF.