Intelligence, Precision, Trust.

With The Standard, dairy, beverage, and food manufacturers can trust that their product is always in specification while maximizing profitability.

A System That Learns and Adapts

  • Algorithms that adapt to changing conditions, including milk composition
  • Accurate blending, precise control, customizable flows
  • Ability to sense process changes and learn to set or hold to eliminate variation
  • Technology that’s constantly watching and improving

Typical Applications

  • Dairy: Fluid milk, cheese, cultured products, powder standardization
  • Juice: Juice and beverage blending

Constant Monitoring to Assure Compliance and Profitability

To ensure your product is always in specification, The Standard streams data about your process into the cloud to make sure each run of your product is within preset goals. It also provides management with a constant view of the plant’s performance.

The Standard transforms your production process into Business Intelligence by collecting, analyzing, and learning from key data points such as:


  • Goals vs. results for each run, tank, or silo
  • Thorough source/destination tracking data
  • Comparisons of lab results vs. The Standard’s results
  • Production quantities


  • Optimization of cream, concentrate, or most expensive component to improve profitability
the standard for fluid milk processing

Better Integration, Smarter System

Complete Integration

The Standard provides full integration with any and all surrounding equipment that may influence accurate blending. This includes pasteurizers, product selections, raw material labs, final product bench labs, separation, flows, pressures, and destination routing. All these factors influence the inline blending results and are considered in The Standard’s algorithms. Integration can either be hardwired or networked.

Constant Learning

The Standard saves its results and continually learns to accurately set blending equipment to create the best product possible. Factors like seasonal changes to raw materials or milk components and the effects of the surrounding process are recorded, and the system gets better each day at starting or holding the blending valves. No more wobbling after every separator desludge or making bad product until the system’s control gets settled in.

Full Integration with Lab Instruments

The Standard uses your lab tests

We understand you trust your lab’s results first and foremost. The Standard allows for full integration of your data through network connections, or labs and operators can enter results manually. The Standard will consider all data—including the wide range of analytics from FOSS—and use it to continue to deliver precision results.

The Standard uses your raw material labs

Would you like to know what yield to expect from your production day? Integrate your raw material testing with The Standard, or enter the tests before using the tank or silo. The Standard will calculate the predicted yield and report on accuracy after production in order to keep improving.

Real time run prediction

The Standard assists operators by predicting the current content of the tank or silo based on constantly running algorithms. It also predicts final results to allow an operator to adjust or lab test as needed.